Our Manufacturing Process

10-Step Ink & Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing Processes


Each cartridge goes through a comprehensive visual inspection. Circuits are tested and all incoming materials are verified against stringent standards before they reach the production floor to ensure the highest quality.

Analyze & Grade

All empty cartridges are extensively analyzed, sorted, and graded. This critical step ensures only premium empty cartridges are used.


All used packaging materials, hoppers and non-conforming components are disassembled and responsibly recycled.

Prep & Clean

Highly trained technicians clean and empty each cartridge of remaining waste ink with custom-designed high capacity cleaning systems and prepare the cartridges for filling.

Digital Filling

Using proprietary filling techniques and custom-built filling machinery, each cartridge is filled to OEM specifications with custom-formulated ink to the exact weight for optimal yields and printer performance.

Leak-Proof Sealing

This state-of-the-art sealing process ensures a leak-proof cartridge and a clean installation for the customer.

Accurate Assembly

Both trained technicians and proprietay robots expertly assemble all cartridges with OEM grade compatible components (up to 75% of new components are used in each cartridge).


Each and every cartridge is post tested – utilizing industry standard print tests – to ensure outstanding performance and quality. As a second level of quality control, two statistical checks are performed before each shipment leaves the facility.


All cartridges receive a final inspection to ensure they conform to our stringent quality standards. They are cleaned, polished and heat-sealed in a vapor resistant bag and boxed in environmentally sustainable and damage-proof packaging. A full set of instructions and warranty information is always included.

Quality Control

Each step in our manufacturing process is monitored by dedicated Quality Control experts. Work in progress undergoes regular and spot inspections to ensure all cartridges meet the expectations of the consumer.

Automation & Robotics

Our manufacturing process utilizes more than 700 process-enhancing tools, machines and robots to allow for a sophisticated manufacturing environment - increasing the product consistency and quality. This consistency and quality has enables Secor.cc to produce the highest performing products in the market with defect rates below what the OEM products can achieve.

Advantages of the Robotics & Automation

- Increased accuracy, consistency, and efficiency

- Repeatability of high-precision processes

- Elimination of variability in processes with a dramatic effect on quality

- Built in process versatility to support a nimble manufacturing environment

- Improved testing accuracy