Our Giving

At Secor.cc, transparency with our customers is very important to us. Our heart is to make a big difference to people affected by the tragedy of human trafficking. We are doing this mainly through financial giving to our nonprofit partners. With that being the case, we want you to understand our giving. Specifically, what we mean when we say - “we donate 100% of our profit”.

Giving 100% of our profit means we give away all the money we make from each purchase after we pay all of our expenses. So for each product sold, we need to account for the expenses that it takes to continue operating as a growing company, getting the products from our manufacturer to your door.

For example, some expenses include:

  • Cost of the actual product
  • Shipping
  • Rent for our facilities
  • Salaries of our team members
  • Administrative costs 
  • Marketing expenses 

After we account for all the expenses, what's left is our profit. And we give 100% of the profit to the ministries we support