Restore NYC

Restore NYC

Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Working to this end, we:

  • Find victims through our outreach strategies and partnerships with law enforcement, the court system, and community-based organizations.
  • Restore survivors through our groundbreaking safehouse program.


New York, NY

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New York, NY


An estimated 18,000 foreign nationals are trafficked into the US annually, but only a small percentage of victims are identified, leaving thousands hidden and without support. Without a raid-and-rescue, it is very difficult to find sex trafficking victims, who almost never self-identify out of fear, shame and/or inability. Even when faced with criminal charges, sex trafficking victims are unlikely to self-identify. We refuse to leave these victims behind.

Therefore, we actively seek out trafficking victims through our Outreach Program. We partner with local criminal courts through their Human Trafficking Intervention Programs to meet with women who are at high risk of sex trafficking and assess whether they are actually victims. We are also collaborating with the larger anti-trafficking community to research and develop new strategies to find victims.

Trafficking survivors also need long-term housing tailored to their vast needs. Eighty-seven percent of sex trafficking victims in New York need long-term housing; only four percent receive it. Homeless and domestic violence shelters often limit stays to three months, long before a trafficking survivor has recovered.

A foreign-national victim escaping traffickers is extremely vulnerable if she is homeless, especially if she is physically and mentally unwell. The lack of appropriate housing is a significant factor in the re-trafficking of victims.

Through our Safehouse Program, we seek to address the problem of scarce long-term housing for trafficking survivors in our region. Our goal is to provide trafficking survivors with security and support for healing, restoration and a safe and healthy future. Restore safehouses are designed to build community, foster healing, and develop life skills. Survivors stay for approximately one year, during which we develop a customized plan with each resident so she can transition to a healthy and independent life.

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Restore NYC is pleased to partner with in our mission to end sex trafficking. Every purchase helps fund our work to find victims and restore the lives of survivors.