Priceless Cube

Priceless Cube

Priceless Cube is a human trafficking ‘prevention through education’ tool. It is a seven-panel, puzzle cube that unfolds and flips to reveal images that emphasize key elements to understand Human Trafficking. This tool can be used anywhere around the world, in red-light districts, high-end hotels or with the rural poor. Priceless Cube is adaptable to the environment you're in, relevant to the one who listens, and is changing the lives of individuals and families all over the world by teaching them the value of every man, woman and child; that you cannot put a price on a human life.


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Priceless Cube is being shared all over the world. We know that Priceless Cube is being used in America, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil… and the list goes on!


In 2012, E3 Partners ministry followed the heart of the Jessen family to create a tool that could be used worldwide to impact individuals and families around the world who were in danger of being enslaved and exploited. As a missions organization, we are able to set foot in the homes of people all over the world, and if we could prevent human trafficking in these countries as well, what a beautiful impact God could use us to make on His world.

Priceless Cube was created, and after an overwhelmingly successful field test in Northern Ethiopia, Priceless Cube hit the shelves to be used on E3 Partners expeditions as well as put into the hands of anyone who wanted to make a difference.


PricelessCube is a seven-panel, puzzle cube that unfolds and flips to reveal images that emphasize key elements to understanding and preventing Human Trafficking. It uses a proven, any-language, education model which is the oldest form of communication, transferable storytelling through images. The lo-tech, travel-anywhere, waterproof cube opens to reveal seven panels of images to arm and educate in the battle against slavery.

As you join us in taking this cube onto the streets and into homes worldwide, it is our prayer that God would use each one of us to prevent those who are in danger of exploitation from ever having to experience the evils that human trafficking presents.


Our Partnership with

Priceless Cube is an initiative of global missions organization, E3 Partners. E3 Partners Vice President, Mike Jorgensen and Simon Lee, the founder of, have partnered for years in ministry, taking the Gospel around the world. As Simon’s desire to put a stop to human trafficking developed, Mike Jorgensen led Simon to our ministry. We look forward to the partnership that and Priceless Cube will have, and the impact that we will be able to make around the world.