NightLight is an international organization compelled by love to reach out, rescue, and restore all those who are negatively impacted by trafficking and commercial exploitation.


Bangkok, Thailand

Location(s) Where We Work

Bangkok, Thailand

Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

Branson, MO

Phoenix, AZ


NightLight began in 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand as a response to the growing numbers of women and girls trapped in the red light areas. The consequence on the women, the men, their families, and even the nation is devastating. The impact is a global one, and soon after NightLight began work in the US as well, opening branches in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Branson, Missouri.

NightLight International is a source of light, hope, and love to all those who are affected by this industry. NightLight recognizes that we cannot adequately effect change in this ndustry and its impact unless in partnership with others, we holistically address the complex issues through prevention, intervention, and restoration.

NightLight maintains a presence in the red light area in order to search for, identify, and build relationships with women and children from around the world, who, whether by voluntary decision, through life circumstances, or trafficked and forced, are caught up in this explotation.

NightLight practices holistic ministry and while one branch may have a stronger focus in one area, programs are developed to address the social, emotional, physical, family, and economic issues. NightLight specializes in serving victims at an individual level, realizing that each person has specific needs, that the individual must be served holistically (as is possible), and that the survivor has the right and need to make choices and decisions for her own life.

Without demand, the the trade would not exist as it does. NightLight recognizes the brokenness and pain that drives much of the demand side. NightLight has compassion for men who are users and seeks to build relationships with them by creating appropriate venues for conversations. NightLight desires to re-direct them and offer them alternatives to exploitation.

Our Partnership with

We are excited about our partnership with Secor to spread awareness and provide funding to battle trafficking. Since our aim is to rescue and restore victims of exploitation and trafficking by all means available, we are delighted to be part of this innovative, entrepreneurial, marketplace initiative.