Secor Staff

Candyce Flonnoy

Customer Service Rep

Tell us about yourself?

I am 27 years old, & I am from Pine Bluff Arkansas. I am a Southern country woman who has a passion for serving God, home cooked meals, animals, the 4 seasons & also coffee. In my free time I also enjoy watching Law & Order SVU, bowling, running in the park, going to art museums, working with the youth at my church, traveling, & dancing. The 3 most influential people in my life other than God are, Catherine Dunn (my grandmother), Matu Cooklin(my coworker/manager) & Virginia Thomas (my God mother & mentor). These 3 ladies have truly been an inspiration to me in every area of my life. I love to laugh, encourage others & try new things. One thing that I look forward to doing is traveling to Africa to help feed those who are hungry, encourage the hopeless, & minister to those who don’t know or have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why are you excited about

I am very excited about Secor.CC because, this is another amazing way & opportunity for us as a company to make a bigger & better difference in the lives of so many girls who can’t fight to save themselves. We have the chance to be the light, hands, & feet for Jesus, who is at the center of our mission, vision, & heart of the company.