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When your business chooses to use for its printing needs,
real lives are transformed through the work of our non-profit partners.

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Businesses that Buy Ink and Help End Human Trafficking.

When your business chooses to use you are directly impacting the fight against human trafficking.

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Benefits and Services

Our Products

We can supply the cartridge you need for virtually every printer and copier on the Market. We carry all the name brand (OEM) products available in addition to our own brand of remanufactured cartridges. All of our products meet the requirements of ISO-9001 and STMC.

MPS Program

We are capable of servicing any size organization, from one office with a single machine to an organization with thousands of printers and copiers. We are able to provide the equipment through purchase or lease and we provide proactive maintenance and supply of all printers, copiers, or multi-function devices. In addition, timely and effective break-fix service and customized reporting and billing is offered.

Other Benefits/Custom Pricing

We are happy to offer customized pricing to our business customers based on their printing environment. In addition, we offer free shipping, payment on account, and cost per print pricing.

  • "Thanks to, there is now purpose in our printing at OVS Group. We are bringing change to our city while using a basic office necessity to help end human trafficking. It's an honor to partner with such an amazing organization!" - Alexandria Alvarez, Chief Administrative Officer at OVS Group. LLC
  • "It is such a joy to know that a product we already need for our office can be purchased at the same price or lower than a big brand store and help a great organization that is so dear to our hearts. The customer service that we receive from is exceptional. This is a complete win win for all involved." - Adrienne Green / Property Manager / The Solomon Foundation
  • "We purchase all of our printer toner cartridges from Secor because we want to be a part of fighting human trafficking and we are proud to stand with Secor. Their customer service can’t be beat so it’s a ‘win-win’ partnership." - Gloria Cuenod / HR & Safety Director / Lightning Logistics
  • "The horror of human trafficking is something we should all be working to eliminate. Secor’s mission to end it has blessed us as a company as we support them in such a simple way." - Megan Baker / Director of Client Operations